Best practices for Twitter and Blogging


All of the popular healthy living bloggers I follow appear to understand the importance of utilizing multiple social media platforms, which may very well be the key to their success.


A little blue birdie told me… A few Twitter tips

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when creating your social media presence is to make certain that you use Twitter to complement your blog. As Mark W. Schaefer wrote in his book The Tao of Twitter, “Blogs and Twitter fit like a hand in a glove. Twitter is like the trailer to the blog’s movie.”


1. Build targeted connections. Search for people who interest you, follow them, and if you are lucky, they will follow you back.
2. Create meaningful content. Tweet a link to your blog posts, retweet relevant content, or write your own original thoughts and share them.
3. Be helpful. To build real relationships on Twitter you must build trust. The best way to build trust is to be genuinely helpful to your followers and those you follow.

All of the bloggers I follow incorporate Twitter into their social media strategy to drive readers to their blog, which is the name of the game.

A few blogging tips for success

Let’s face it, Twitter is quick and fun, but your blog is where you really connect with your readers. That is place the place where you can fully explain and illustrate your ideas, hold a giveaway, post an exercise video or recipe, register visitors, or host a guest blogger.


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Popular blogging tips

  • Write daily. I tend to continue to follow those bloggers who have fresh content every time I check my reader or my bookmarked list of healthy living blog sites. I will probably forget about you if weeks go by without a new post.
  • Be real. Write in the first person, and don’t be afraid to talk about your defeats as well as your victories.  Share yourself, and what you’ve learned along the way. Be honest – no one likes a phony.
  • Be original. I definitely lean towards a certain genre when reading blogs, but I don’t want to read the same old topics and ideas on everyone’s blog. Don’t be afraid to tackle new subjects no one has discussed before, or give us a contrary opinion on an oft cited topic. Take your blog in a new direction for an occasional post and see if it’s a success or not, and please, be entertaining whenever possible.
  • Host guest experts. I always enjoy reading a new perspective and learning about a new blogger I may not have known previously. If the arrangement is reciprocal, you may find that you have just gotten yourself a whole bunch of new, regular readers from your guest post.

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Your blog and your Twitter account are places to make your passions known. Be humble and grateful to your readers. Interact with them as much as possible; follow them back on Twitter, respond to comments left on your blog, listen to their ideas. Most of all, be positive and genuine – two qualities which are sure to attract a following.

What qualities important to you when you follow a blogger?

Do you try to interact with your favorite bloggers or are you a lurker?